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of pesticides and fertilizers in the State of Indiana


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Monthly Exams at Purdue University with NO Training
Order study materials from the Purdue Extension Education Store by calling 1-765-494-6794 or by clicking here.
Do I have the most current version of the study materials for the exam I am going to take? Click here to check publication dates of training manuals.
Schedule your exam at Purdue's West Lafayette Campus on one of the below listed exam dates by calling 800-893-6637. You will be asked to provide the following information for the examinee:
  1. Name
  2. Telephone number
  3. Company affiliation (if any);
  4. Requested exam date
  5. Exam(s) to be taken
  1. Exams are held in Stewart Center (STEW).  Click here for a map to locate Stewart Center and parking garage locations.  For a map of highways leading to Purdue University, click here.
  2. The exam process will start at 1:30 p.m.
  3. Exam examinee will be required to present his/her government-issued photo I.D.
  4. All exams are multiple choice and machine graded.
  5. All exams are closed book.  No personal or training materials are permitted.
  6. Only single-function calculators without printers are permitted.  No cell phones, PDAs, computers or data storage devices.
  7. Any cheating will result in disqualification of all involved parties for five (5) years.
  8. Examinees will be limited to the number of different exams that can be completed within the three-hour testing period (usually two exams).  No exam may be started unless the full time limited allowed for that exam remains in the testing period (i.e. a 90-minute exam may not be started if only 80 minutes remain).  Time limits are listed in #9 below.
  9. Exam time limits:

Core (Also used as the Registered Technician and Limited Certification examination for all categories) 1.5 hours
Category 1 - Agricultural Pest Management 90 Minutes
Category 2 - Forest Pest Management 90 Minutes
Category 3A - Ornamental Pest Management 90 Minutes
Category 3B - Turf Management 2 Hours
Category 4 - Seed Treatment 90 Minutes
Category 5 - Aquatic Pest Management 1 Hour
Category 6 - Industrial Weed Management 90 Minutes
Category 7A - Industrial , Institutional, Structural and Health Related Pest Management 90 MInutes
Category 7B - Termite Control 90 Minutes
Category 7D - Fumigation 1 Hour
Category 8 - Community-wide Mosquito Management 1 Hour
Category 11 - Aerial Application 90 Minutes
Category 12 - Wood Destroying Pest Inspection 1 Hour
Category 14 - Agricultural Fertilizer Application 90 Minutes

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