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Obtaining an Indiana Pesticide Business License Based on Reciprocity
Click here for a list of states with which Indiana has reciprocity.
Any person (individual, partnership, corporation, etc.) who applies pesticides for hire, within the state of Indiana, to the property of another or who advertises that they apply pesticides for hire must obtain an Indiana pesticide business license from the Office of Indiana State Chemist (OISC).
If your base of operation is outside the state of Indiana, an Indiana pesticide business license may be obtained through reciprocity with the state from which the business is operating. Example: If the business is operating from Ohio, the applicator's reciprocity will need to be based on Ohio certification exams.
An Indiana pesticide business license and an Indiana applicator license are separate and distinct. An Indiana applicator license can be issued on to a certified applicator. A certified applicator is someone who has passed certification exams to apply pesticides and/or supervise the application of pesticides. Any person who is not a certified and licensed applicator but is using pesticides under off-site supervision of a certified applicator is required to be a registered technician (RT) in the state of Indiana. Individuals seeking an Indiana registered technician registration (RT), must have passed a written Core exam covering pesticide laws, general pest biology, pesticide formulations, personal and environmental safety and label comprehension.
To obtain an Indiana Pesticide Business License, a firm must:
1: Employ at least one certified pesticide applicator.
2: Submit a completed application form for the business and each applicator and technician.
3: Submit annual fees of $45.00 for the business and $45.00 for each certified applicator and registered technician.
4: Submit a certificate of insurance (see Insurance Requirement for Licensed Businesses)
Special Note: To become a for hire Indiana certified applicator in turf pest control (Category 3b) or wood destroying pest control (Category 7b), there are additional requirements. See: Additional Requirements for Category 3b and Category 7b.
If you have questions, please call 765-494-1594.