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(Private Applicator)
  A private applicator is anyone who either applies pesticides or applies manure from a Confined Feeding Operation (CFO) to property they own, rent or otherwise control, for the purpose of producing an agricultural commodity.

Any private applicator wishing to buy and use restricted-use pesticides (RUP) must be certified by passing the "core" exam.

Any private applicator wishing to buy and use "RUP" fumigants must also pass the Category 7D (Fumigation) Exam.

Any private applicator wishing to apply manure from a CFO must be certified by passing the Category 14 exam.
How do I become a certified Private Applicator?
Recordkeeping (Pesticides)
Exam-taking opportunities
Search currently registered pesticide products
Exam results for applicators
Search currently certified applicators
Application form for permit (license)
Atrazine & Drinking Water (PPP-66)
Change of address form
Atrazine Use & Weed Management Strategies (PPP-67)
PARP (Private Applicator Recertification Program)
Atrazine Setback Requirements Illustration
Check on recertification (PARP) credits earned
Atrazine Setback Definitions and Maps
Supervision of non-certified applicators (Pesticides)
Atrazine Watershed Management Information Center
Supervision of non-certified applicators (Fertilizers)
"Driftwatch" Indiana Sensitive Crop Registry
Required Training for Non-Certified Applicators (Fertilizers)
Recycle Pesticide Mini-Bulk Shuttles
Worker Protection Standard (Pesticides) 
New EPA Container Rules
SPILL REPORTING (24 hour) ..... 1-888-233-7745
NEW - Reciprocity for Farmers(Pesticides)