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7d - Fumigation
  Category 7d includes commercial applicators (for hire, not for hire and government employees) and businesses using fumigants to control any pest at any site or location. True fumigants are products that work in a gaseous state, including products that contain methyl bromide, aluminum and magnesium phosphide, carbon dioxide, phoshine, sulfluryl fluoride and chloropicrin.

Fumigants do not include total release aerosols (bug bombs) or insecticides used in fogging machines or ultra low volume (ULV) or thermal fog generator machines.
Phosphine Fumigant Q&A (PDF from offsite location)
CCH Requirements
Obtaining a Business License
CCH Conferences / Programs
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Out of State Business & Applicators
License Application Form
Supervision of Tender Truck Drivers
Insurance Requirements
Pesticide Drift Enforcement Policy
Exam Dates & Sign-Up
Supervision of Applicators & Technicians
Exam Results
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