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Indiana Association of Professional Soil Classifiers

The Indiana Association of Professional Soil Classifiers (IAPSC) is a not-for-profit organization of soil scientists who are interested in the field study and evaluation of soils.  It promotes professional development of soil scientists and educates the public about the importance of our soil resource.  Typically, IAPSC meets twice a year, an outdoor meeting in the summer of fall and an indoor meeting in the winter. 

It is the professional society that supports the Indiana Registry of Soil Scientists.  Some of the activities include assisting with high school soil evaluation (judging) contests and education events, cooperating with university soil science field courses and field studies, participating in science teachers' fairs, and promoting professional development by working with the Indiana Registry of Soil Scientists. 

Membership in IAPSC is about equally divided between those in private practice and those who work for public agencies. 

Current Officers are:
  • Philip Owens, President
  • Scot Haley, Vice President
  • Tim Monaghan, President Elect
  • Tom Ziegler, Past President
  • Paul McCarter, Secretary-Treasuerer

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